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Physical Education 101

Physical Education will improve a child's health in multiple ways!

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Summer Kids

I sure am missing my students this summer!
Students please make sure you are maintaining your muscle strength by doing your sit ups and push ups at least every other day! Also, get outside and play more! Reaction time is everything in sports! Play with a ball (build reaction time). Jump on a trampoline (cardio workout). Jump rope (coordination and cardio). Ride a bike (balance and cardio). Take your dog for a walk. Ask a parent to take you to the park. Play in the water sprinklers at home. Do chores around the house (burns calories and makes momma happy). Try to help your younger siblings with the skills you've learned at school, but remember they will learn slowly and it will help them when they come to P.E. Fly a kite. Practice using a yoyo.