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About Mrs. Gail

All about me

August 21, 2018


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

My name is Leslie Hasler-Gail; however I go by Mrs. Gail. This is my second year at Westwood and I am extremely excited to have your student in my class. A little bit about me, I am originally from New Mexico and have been a teacher for seven years this next year will be my eighth year. I am married and have two amazing children a five year daughter and an two year old son.

Let me tell you about somethings of how my class works. I strive to have a positive and safe environment for your student.  I use “Classdojo” as a behavioral tool which we use school wide.  One awesome thing about “Classdojo” is you can track your student’s behavior from a computer, tablet or mobile device. You can also message me for any questions or concerns you might have and the students are going to be sharing what they are learning through their own student stories. Also, you should also be able to see messages from me through class stories.  As far as discipline in my classroom, I use positive redirecting and try to turn a negative behavior into a positive. I will give the student two warnings to try and change their behavior into a positive. Upon the third warning you will be hearing from me and the fourth warning is an office referral.

For positive behavior students receive points on “Classdojo” and for every 10 points they earn they get to go to the treasure box.

My rules are easy to follow:

1. Follow directions

2. Be respectful and mindful of others.

3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

The ultimate goal for my classroom is to have students meet high expectations. I feel that we can work together to achieve this goal. Please if you have any questions or concern feel free to come and talk to me or leave me a message and I will get back with you.  I want all my students to reach success and we can do it together. I am looking forward to an exciting and challenging school year!



Mrs. Gail