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Fundraising Campaign


We are in the middle of our fundraising campaign, and we need everyone's support! As you know, we've partnered with Cherrydale to raise the money we need, and they made it really simple. You can show your support by registering your student for online selling, and by sharing the brochure in-person with friends, family, and at work to help maximize the impact of this fundraiser.





Helping is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Sign Up, Set Up & Share... and it only takes a few minutes, if you have not done so already!  



  • Sign Up! Click on the link to get started!  
  • Set Up! Personalize your own support site by choosing your everyday Hero Theme, creating an Avatar, and uploading a Personalized Video.  
  • Share! Most importantly, share through email, text and Facebook; and please share the brochures that came home in the packets with everyone you know. We make it easy to share with family and friends near and far. Take it to work, show it to friends and family, and Be The Change for our school! 
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